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Jurors for the Dora Mavor Moore Awards are experienced and respected members of Toronto’s professional performing arts community. TAPA is committed to the integrity and transparency of the Dora Mavor Moore Awards.

Juror nominations come from several sources.

Membership: two (2) TAPA member companies may co-nominate potential jurors.

Outgoing Jurors: following a term served on a Dora jury, outgoing jurors may recommend potential jurors for consideration via their jury Exit Survey.

TAPA Staff: based on “long lists” of potential jurors from previous seasons or expressions of interest from former jurors, TAPA staff may recommend potential jurors for consideration.

Committee: Dora Jury Selection Committee is responsible for recommending minimum 20 potential jurors per award division, to include consideration for recommendations from all above sources.

Become a Juror

The Dora Jury Selection Committee casts a range of professional artists to serve on the 7 divisional juries (8 – 12 individuals each) that include performers, designers, directors, producers, administrators, arts educators and more, representing a spectrum of ages, gender identities, sexualities, experience, training, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and company affiliations.

In order to be considered, candidates for Dora Juries must agree to:

  • have their name submitted to the Jury Selection Committee for consideration
  • have their name submitted to the TAPA Board of Directors for consideration
  • aim to attend 100% of productions registered in their Division (min. 85%)
  • attend all 3-4 jury meetings throughout the year
  • adhere to all Dora policies regarding confidentiality, conflict of interest and voting
  • maintain regular communication with their Jury Chair regarding attendance
  • keep diligent notes on all registered productions attended

Dora Jurors receive:

  • 2 tickets to every registered production in their Division
  • 2 VIP tickets to the Dora Mavor Moore Awards at the end of the Dora season

Individuals working in the following areas are ineligible to serve as a Dora juror:

  • Employees of government funding bodies/agencies, including municipal, provincial, federal.
  • Employees of non-government & foundation funding bodies.
  • Employees of film/television/stage casting agencies, talent agents or other professional representatives of artists such as personal managers & publicists.
  • Employees of the media (including but not limited to print, television, blogs, social media, etc) such as reviewers, reporters & editors.

Call for Dora Juror nominations: Ongoing with official autumn push.

Deadline for 2024-2025 nominations: JAN 22, 2024

Nomination to a Dora Jury does not guarantee a spot on the jury.

Jurors for 2024-2025 (update in progress)

CJ Astronomo


Dianne Weinrib


John Harvey


Julia Carrano

Theatre for Young Audiences

Lilie Zendel


Peter N. Bailey

Theatre for Young Audiences

Rachel Kennedy


Jury Chairs

Non-voting jury members responsible for guiding jury meeting deliberations and tracking juror attendance.

Fanny Ghorayeb

Dance Division

Allen MacInnis

Opera Division

Franco Boni

Musical Theatre Division

Pat Bradley

General Theatre Division

Elizabeth Asselstine

Independent Theatre Division

Vinetta Strombergs

Touring Division

Brandon Moore

Theatre for Young Audiences Division

Julian Sleath

Touring Division
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