Vision: TAPA is the voice of theatre, dance and opera in Toronto.

Mission: To nurture an environment in which theatre, dance and opera may flourish and play a leadership role in the vitality of the City of Toronto. The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts:

  • Unites the disciplines of theatre, dance, and opera to celebrate and strengthen the performing arts in Toronto;
  • Promotes and advocates on behalf of a large and diverse membership of professional performing arts practitioners, to legislators, public and private sector funding bodies, and to the general public;
  • Provides  marketing opportunities and professional development services to its membership.

Core Beliefs:  TAPA is a champion of theatre, dance and opera.

  • TAPA exists because it has the power to speak with one voice in order to improve the environment for all theatre/performing arts in Toronto.
  • TAPA believes that a city is enriched by participation in culture.
  • TAPA builds community and partnerships.
  • TAPA  is a relevant and effective organization that believes:
    • We need to be bold strategically and collaboratively
    • We need to reassess our programs and services continually in order to determine if they support the development of a healthier environment and serve the membership.
  • TAPA values flexibility and fluidity as core strengths.
  • TAPA responds to opportunities and situations in a positive way.

Working Values:  Defining the Culture of TAPA  

In everything TAPA undertakes we work to be fair, open, transparent and honest.  TAPA builds networks, community and partnership

  • TAPA plans for growth and moves forward.
  • TAPA invests in human resources  in order to achieve organizational objectives.
  • The Board serves as a collaborative problem solving group.
  • TAPA believes in organizational learning and is open to new knowledge, in not being tied to apparent strictures or perceived barriers.
  • TAPA aims to provide a wide range of programs and services that meet the disparate need of our diverse membership.

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