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TAPA is the voice of theatre, dance and opera in Toronto.


To nurture an environment in which theatre, dance and opera may flourish and play a leadership role in the vitality of the City of Toronto. The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts:

  • Unites the disciplines of theatre, dance, and opera to celebrate and strengthen the performing arts in Toronto;
  • Promotes and advocates on behalf of a large and diverse membership of professional performing arts practitioners, to legislators, public and private sector funding bodies, and to the general public;
  • Provides marketing opportunities and professional development services to its membership.

Core Beliefs

TAPA is a champion of theatre, dance and opera and aims for a unified voice to improve the environment for all theatre/dance/opera companies in Toronto

  • TAPA recognizes that there is a cultural equity gap in practices and representation in the arts in Toronto, and supports the values and practices to ensure equity and inclusion of various identities, including but not limited to: race/ethnicity, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation including but not limited to LGBTQ2SIA+, socio-economic status or religion
  • TAPA supports pluralism in the arts and strives to lead by example with demonstration of policies and practice that embrace and honour all narratives
  • TAPA recognizes fluidity, flexibility and transparency as essential practice
  • TAPA embraces community and partnership to build collaborative networks and working together to make positive change
  • TAPA believes in being responsive to the dynamics of a changing cultural environment and in so doing, also being responsive to the evolving needs of the membership
  • TAPA works to provide a wide range of programs and services that meets the needs of a diverse membership
  • In everything TAPA undertakes we work to be fair, open, transparent, unbiased and honest
  • We need to continue to be bold strategically and collaboratively
  • We need to continually reassess our programs & services, and Board/committee activities in order to determine if they support the development of a healthier environment and serve the membership
  • We support organizational learning and are open to new knowledge, and not being tied to apparent strictures or perceived barriers
  • The Board serves as a collaborative problem solving group

Strategic Plan 2024–2028

The manner and spirit with which the new TAPA Strategic Plan was created involved layers of assessment and discussion in a positive collaborative process. It involved members of the TAPA Board of Directors, the TAPA staff team and the TAPA membership.

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