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TAPA Corporate Research Project

The TAPA Corporate Working Group launched a survey to assess the relationship between corporations and performing arts organizations in Toronto. This survey was active between April 26 – May 7, 2021. Read the TAPA Corporate Research Project Report for an overview of the survey findings.

TAPA Corporate Research Project Report - 2021 Survey Findings

Download the TAPA Corporate Research Project Report

TAPA has been gathering data on behalf of the theatre, dance and opera industries since 2004. The TAPA Stats Reports Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three and Phase Four; represents over a decade worth of data from 2004-2016. Amongst the findings and financial information from the Stats Reports, we also learned unequivocally that audience attendance in Toronto is in decline. And so as an ASO, TAPA did the responsible thing and turned our focus to the monumental challenge of better understanding our audiences and their behaviour.

TAPA Audience Report

TAPA Stats Reports

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