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Wanna get out of the house and do something different on a budget?

Run to the theatre!

Experience the magic of live performance for less than the cost of a movie ticket.

With drama, comedy, opera or dance, you are guaranteed a special night out. (Or day… we do have matinees!)

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hipTIX Rewards on Goosechase

Shiny and new for 2024:
hipTIX will reward you for seeing our shows! See 5, show off your experience, and you’ll get 1 FREE, on us!

We’re turning going to shows into a game in 3 simple steps:

1.    Download the free Goosechase app

2.    Set up your profile
3.    Enter the code HIPTIXTO

You’ll see all our shows available to purchase. When you go to a show, upload a photo from the theatre into Goosechase (it could be the program, your ticket, or a selfie in the lobby…). You automatically get 500 points for each show.

Plus, you can earn EXTRA points!

Post about your experience on Instagram or TikTok, tagging @hipTIX_TO and using the hashtag #hipTIXTO and bonus points will be added to your account.  If the posting is super creative, we may even award more points!

Goosechase shows what everyone has posted and their point total so you can compete with your friends to see who earns a reward first.

Take a chance on that show that sounds interesting – it could end up being your ticket to a free show!

Terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to present identification with my e-ticket-voucher at the door?

Venues reserve to right to confirm student status by checking photo I.D. to validate your hipTIX / hipTIXplus e-ticket-voucher.

What if the person sitting next to me didn’t read this list and is making my experience miserable?

Please speak to an usher or ask to speak to the House Manager and explain the situation. They will know what to do!

I might be late, is that going to be a problem?

Depending on the production and theatre layout, chances are good you will not be admitted/seated until a suitable break in the show (known as a “late call”). Be aware that some productions may not seat you until the next intermission and some productions with no intermissions do not allow latecomers at all. The same rule may apply if you have to leave the auditorium to use the bathroom.

Do you accept US dollars?

No, hipTIX accepts only Canadian funds via Visa and MasterCard online.

If someone doesn’t show up can I use their seat?

No. Once a seat is purchased for a specific date and time, it belongs to the owner regardless of whether they use it or not. Remember that they may show up at any time during the show, so “seat jumping” as the lights go down is not a good idea and can prove very disruptive. Most hipTIX shows are General Admission, meaning you can sit wherever you like.

If I can’t go, can I exchange for a different date? If I don’t use my ticket can I get a refund?

When buying through hipTIX, all sales are final. We are not permitted to do refunds exchanges or cancellations so it is important to be sure of your date and availability when you buy.

How early should I arrive?

Always plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to show time.

I’m celebrating a special occasion; can the actors say something during the show or curtain call?

Usually not. A show is a living piece of art that runs like a well-oiled machine and where every moment has been carefully constructed by the creative team for the entire audience. Changes or additions are not permitted. When you think about it, you would not want to add to it any more than you would take a pen and write “Happy Birthday” on a great painting. It damages the original and changes it for all viewers.

Can I go on the stage or visit the actors backstage?

For safety reasons, only performers and production staff are allowed backstage or on stage. You may wait at the theatre door (or Stage Door) and meet the actors after the show. It is always important to remember that this is effectively after work/personal time for the performers so they may be unable to stay and chat. Many performers are also quite shy when not on stage so it’s best to respect their privacy as well.

Can I take food or drinks in with me?

Generally theatres ban all outside food and beverages but many do provide snacks and drinks at a concession stand or bar. Most theatres do not allow food or drink in the auditorium (bottled water may be an exception) but some larger theatres do. There is no smoking in the building. Inebriated/intoxicated patrons causing a disruption or anyone bringing in illegal or banned substances will be asked to leave the theatre and tickets will not be refunded.

Do I have to dress up?

Most theatres have no official “dress code” for attending. Matinees and weekday evenings tend to be a bit more casual. The exception to this would be Opening Nights and Galas which people usually dress up for. We suggest “business casual” as a guideline and encourage you to be comfortable. In the summer, remember that many theatres are air conditioned so it’s not a bad idea to bring a sweater or a wrap just in case you feel chilly.

What are the rules with cell phones?

Talking on your phone or texting is not permitted during the show. Anyone using a mobile device during the show may be asked to leave and admittance may be refused. The buzzing from a phone set to vibrate is distracting for many people around you and the light from your screen can be very annoying. Therefore once you enter the auditorium your phone should be shut off and put away until after the show is over. There should be no need to take it out or power it up. If there is an emergency situation and you may need to be contacted, talk to the house manager for options.

Can I take photographs or video of the show?

Unfortunately, no. Photography of any kind is prohibited during a performance. Audio and video recordings are forbidden under copyright law. If anyone is found photographing or taping the performance, their photos or recordings will be deleted and they will be asked to leave the theatre without a ticket refund. This includes selfies! Instead, why not grab a great photo of you and your friends at the theatre marque or front doors, or perhaps holding a programme?

Why do you charge a service fee? Who determines the amount?

The service fee covers the cost of providing a service; it pays for things like the software that provides the convenience of online purchasing and e-ticket-vouchers. hipTIX works with the ticketing provider (White Label Tickets) to determine the service fee based on industry standards.

How do I print my e-ticket-voucher? Is it a valid ticket?

An email will be sent to you within a few minutes of purchasing your tickets. The email will include your e-ticket-voucher that you print on any printer on standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. Your e-ticket is a voucher for a specific date, time and number of seats that can be traded at the venue for an actual ticket 30 minutes prior to the show.

How do I purchase tickets?

You can purchase all tickets by going to our website at hipTIX accepts Visa and MasterCard Online.

More Questions?

Scott Dermody, Outreach Manager
416-536-6468 x 2

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