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The TAPA Trade Series is programmed to be proactive and features ongoing, affordable professional development sessions and networking opportunities encompassing a broad range of topics that have been created specifically for TAPA members.

Upcoming Events

Taking Centre Stage:

Navigating Canada's Work Permit & Immigration Landscape for Performing Artists

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
11:00 am – 12:00 pm 

TAPA is pleased to announce that Al Parsai, CEO of Parsai Immigration Services and esteemed sponsor of TAPA outreach ticketing program, citySPECIAL, will be delivering a presentation on work permits and navigating immigration for performing artists.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in Canadian immigration. Attending Al Parsai’s seminar means benefiting from his wealth of knowledge and experience, which can help make your immigration journey smoother and more successful. Take advantage of this chance to have your questions answered, gain valuable insights, and navigate Canada’s work permit and immigration landscape with confidence. Register today and secure your spot in this enlightening seminar!

We encourage TAPA members to share this workshop widely within your network of artists to reach artists who would benefit from this valuable seminar.

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Discover your path to success in the Canadian performing arts scene with “Taking Centre Stage: Navigating Canada’s Work Permit & Immigration Landscape for Performing Artists.” Delve into topics like visiting Canada as an artist, working without a permit, leveraging the International Mobility Programme, securing work with LMIA assistance, and exploring immigration options. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to pursue your artistic career in Canada confidently. Register today and transform your dreams into reality!


  1. Setting the Stage: An Overview of Visiting Canada as a Performing Artist (TRV, TRP, eTA, and Biometrics)
  2. Encore Performances: Exploring Opportunities to Work in Canada Without a Permit
  3. Global Talent Spotlight: Unlocking Opportunities with the International Mobility Programme (IMP)
  4. Curtain Call Collaborations: Securing Work in Canada with LMIA Assistance
  5. A Standing Ovation: Pathways to Permanent Residency for Performing Artists in Canada

About the speaker:
Discover Al Parsai, the distinguished CEO of Parsai Immigration Services and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant committed to guiding clients through their immigration journey. Al and his proficient team have a track record of assisting individuals from over 55 countries with tailored immigration solutions. Their services cover immigration to Canada, sponsoring family members, obtaining study permits, and securing temporary work permits.

Boasting a Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School, Al is also a respected member of the CICC. He has honed his skills as an adjunct professor at Queen’s University Law School and an instructor at Ashton College – Vancouver and the Global School of Corporate Excellence in Toronto. Al’s international reputation stems from his insightful speeches, courses, and the bestseller, “88 Tips on Immigration to Canada.”


In Conversation With

Back by popular demand, the TAPA Trade Series: In Conversation With… roundtable discussions are returning for the 2022-23 season!

Taking place on the first Wednesday of every month, In Conversation With… is an opportunity to hear from the industry professionals at TAPA member companies. Don’t miss these excellent peer-learning sessions!

This fall, we kick it off by bringing back the artistic directors from the inaugural In Conversation With…Artistic Directors discussion. See below to learn more and register.

Download the Recording

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Zoom, this meeting will be recorded
Registration: Free

TAPA Board President, Kelly Straughan (Theatre Aquarius), moderates a roundtable discussion with four artistic directors appointed and active during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us to hear from these talented artistic directors, 6 months later after sharing their initial perspectives on artistic directing during the pandemic.

On this roundtable:

  • Herbie Barnes, Young People’s Theatre
  • Mike Payette, Tarragon Theatre
  • Karine Ricard, Théâtre français de Toronto
  • Tanisha Taitt, Cahoots Theatre

CRA GST/HST Outreach Series for Non-Profits and Charities

Presentations Now Available

The TAPA Trade Series: CRA GST/HST Outreach Workshops for Non-Profits and Charities returns for all of your GST/HST needs. The workshops in this series will cover GST/HST Taxable vs. Exempt SuppliesCapital Properties & Input Tax Credits for Public Service Bodies, and Public Service Bodies Rebates.

This series has concluded. To access the presentation slides from this series, please click on the button for each workshop. 

Download the Presentation

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Zoom
Registration: Free

Did you know that GST/HST applies differently to Charities and NPOs?

Have you ever wondered if you have incorrectly accounted for GST/HST?

The presentation will include information about revenue sources that attract GST/HST and those that do not. We will review the fundamentals for both types of entities, to help you ensure that your organization is correctly accounting for GST/HST.


  • Recognize key GST/HST differences between Charities and NPOs
  • Know how to correctly charge GST/HST
  • Identify and reduce common GST/HST mistakes


  • Taxable Supplies
  • Exempt Supplies
  • Calculating Net Tax

Download the Presentation

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Zoom
Registration: Free

Did you know there are different GST/HST rules for Capital Properties?

Were you aware that entitlements and obligations can change over time?

The presentation will review some of the most important GST/HST issues concerning Capital Properties and assist you in managing your organization’s GST/HST obligations and entitlements.


  • Recognize key GST/HST issues for Capital Properties
  • Know when to account for GST/HST in different circumstances
  • Understand and apply the correct rules for claiming Input Tax Credits
  • Identify and reduce common GST/HST mistakes


  • Definitions
  • Acquisition rules
  • Improvement rules
  • Changes-in-use rules

Download the Presentation

Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Zoom
Registration: Free

The presentation will identify and discuss how the PSB Rebate applies for both entities.  It will review entitlement, similarities and differences by entity type, and the rules to help you better manage your organization’s PSB Rebate.


  • Recognize PSB Rebate opportunities
  • Understand the differences between Charity vs. NPO entitlements
  • Know how to correctly claim the PSB Rebate


  • Definitions
  • Eligibility for Charities vs. NPOs
  • Exclusions
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