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Official Educational Partner of the Toronto District School Board.

Working in the performing arts is a viable career option! The Theatre Careers Workshop presentation and interactive discussion aims to inform students of the performing arts industry opportunities which are available to students in the Toronto Area. Various careers in the performing arts industry are described by a theatre professional.

Along with a Q&A, the following topics are presented and discussed:

  • Why theatre?
  • Wheel of Roles! Many types of career options.
  • Living & Working as an artist:
  • Auditions / Creative Jobs
  • How do I get paid?
  • Agents
  • Unions / Professional Standards
  • Get Out There!
  • Toronto theatre overview
  • hipTIX for students. ($5 tix for 14-29 yrs)
  • Programs for students NOW.
  • Real-world experiences working in theatre.
  • Questions from students about related topics they wish to explore.

Learning Outcomes

Thought-provoking discussion on value & social impact of performing arts and how to remove perceived barriers to participation.

Increasing access to resources & opportunities for experiencing / participating in professional performing arts activities outside of school environment.

Exploring career options and employability within the performing arts sector.

COVID-19: Virtual Zoom/Google Meet workshop for online and in-person classes now available


  • Cost: 100% FREE
  • Suitable for Grades 9–12
  • Dates: Mondays–Thursdays
  • Length: Flexible. Recommended 45 mins to allow for discussion / Q&A
  • Tech: Reliable internet connection for Zoom/Google Meet workshop. Ability to screenshare & present Powerpoint. Prefer cameras ON, mics OFF, chat ON

Book Now!

Scott Dermody, Outreach Manager
416-536-6468 x26

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