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We, the Indie Caucus, currently consisting of Lucy Eveleigh (Fringe Festival), Isaac Thomas (Native Earth Performing Arts), and Mimi Mok (The Theatre Centre), are reaching out to the members of the indie community because we want to hear from you about how TAPA can better serve your needs.

We know that many of us are trying to do many things, offer meetings, plan strategies, connect with our artists, hold town halls – can we work together and share resources to support one another? We also know that our needs vary a lot – what are your needs as we explore our way through COVID?

We believe strongly in the independent work in this city. We think that if we can align and come together, we will not just survive the pandemic but create a stronger and more unified indie community as we start to think about rebuilding post COVID.

Our first step is appealing to those of you who might be interested in joining the Indie Caucus so we can begin to plan how we might go about answering some of these questions. There are currently 29 indie companies registered as TAPA members, and we are hoping some of you might wish to join us, as well as those of you who are not members of TAPA. All are welcome!

So if you are interested in joining our currently small but mighty group, or have more questions or feedback to share, please reach out to Lucy Eveleigh, chair of the Caucus at

Thanks from the TAPA Indie Caucus

Upcoming Events

Indie Caucus Meetings

We, the Indie Caucus at TAPA, are setting up a casual drop in, every other Thursday, starting at 10:00 am for an hour, to chat with other indie companies to talk about ways to come together, collaborate, network, and support one another.

We know many of you may already have lots of meetings which is why there is no pressure to join us, but we are going to run them for a few weeks and see what happens, organically. We also feel that smaller groups are more fruitful for online chats, so will try to keep groups of 5-6 people using breakout rooms.

We three, Lucy Eveleigh – Toronto Fringe Festival, Mimi Mok – The Theatre Centre and Isaac Thomas – Native Earth Performing Arts, are TAPA board members so we are here to see if TAPA can support, but we are also here as folks who believe in the importance of strengthening the Indie community. We recognize that there is great variety in indie companies and that we may each have unique issues, problems, and solutions. Many of us are still feeling a bit isolated. So we are trying to figure out ways to connect and perhaps offer a hand to smaller companies and/or those who are not yet with TAPA.

Please feel free to pass on the information to others who may be interested or who may find this exchange fruitful.

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