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TAPA is proud to partner with Arts Consultants Canada (ACCA)Balancing ActThe AFC, and The Canadian Green Alliance as our Community Partners.

These organizations are at work in our community, creating and executing social change initiatives, which TAPA is glad to be sharing with our members on an ongoing basis.

Arts Consultants Canada (ACCA)

Arts Consultants Canada is a professional association of consultants who provide services to clients in the arts and cultural sector in Canada.

Established in 2006, ACCA has a growing network of members across the country working in both official languages. ACCA’s members work to improve the health, effectiveness and sustainability of the arts. They provide services to organizations and individuals in the performing arts, visual arts and crafts, museums and galleries, writing and publishing, and new media, other arts-related projects and planning initiatives.

On the ACCA website (, organizations and individuals looking for assistance will find a searchable database of member consultants including their geographic location, specializations and background.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act advocates for greater accessibility, equality and inclusion for caregivers* working in the performing arts.

We collaborate with artists, arts workers, and arts organizations to develop pathways for change at an individual, organizational, and systemic level.

*Balancing Act’s definition of caregiver includes individuals who care for children, older adults, those in need of personal care, and anyone who self-identifies as a caregiver.

Balancing Act ’22-23 Steering Committee

  • Intisar Awisse – Playwright and Dramaturg
  • Maev Beaty – Actor, Writer, Voice Artist
  • Brefny Caribou – Actor, Writer, Creator
  • Ella Cooper – Founder, Black Women Film! Canada
  • Lisa Karen Cox – Director; Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Penny Couchie – Co-Artistic Director, Aanmitaagzi
  • Sarah Cullen – Founder, MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Project
  • Andrea Donaldson – Artistic Director, Nightwood Theatre
  • Geneviève Doyon – Co-Artistic Director, Open Pit Theatre
  • Lucy Eveleigh – Executive Director, Toronto Fringe
  • Chelsea Haberlin – Artistic Director, Neworld Theatre
  • Beth Helmers – Artistic Director, Community Arts Guild
  • Ruth Howard – Artistic Director, Jumblies Theatre
  • Jacoba Knaapen – Executive Director, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
  • Djennie Laguerre – Actor, Author, Storyteller
  • Shira Leuchter – Actor, Theatre Creator
  • Cynthia Lickers-Sage – Executive Director, Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance
  • Ken MacKenzie – President, Associated Designers of Canada
  • Sheila Kearney Miller – EDI-R Committee, Soulpepper Theatre and Young Centre
  • Anne-Marie Ouellet – Playwright, Director, L’eau du bain
  • Janelle Rainville – Executive Director, Stage Managing the Arts
  • Karine Ricard – Artistic Director, Théâtre français de Toronto
  • Adrienne Wong – Artistic Director, SpiderWebShow Performance

Balancing Act would like to acknowledge the contributions of past members Neema Bickersteth, Julie Lebel, Viv Moore, and Kelly Read. Thank you!

What’s On in December:

Restore and Resource with Roula Said: a self-care session

Date: Monday, December 12, 2022, 1-2:30 EST (Zoom)

Dive into Seven Waves Movement with Roula and wash away some seasonal stress! Restore and resource yourself with soothing sequences that will invite you to spiral, circle, undulate and shake out the dusty places. 

What will you need? Just a bit of space to move your feet and a chair. Can

Roula Said is a singer, dancer, musician, actor and poet of Palestinian heritage based in Toronto, Canada.  Roula has been studying, teaching and performing Arab music and dance for over 30 years. From within her tradition as practiced here in the west, she has created Seven Waves Movement and Embodied Voice, original and innovative methodologies rooted in the Arab Arts and open to the world. Roula is also a member of Wild Soma Collective, along with Andrea Nann, Shannon Litzenberger and Julia Aplin, exploring embodiment as a world-making practice and an architecture connecting us to ourselves, each other and all of life. Deeply interested in ceremony and meaningful transitions, Roula also works as a wedding officiant and a death doula, supporting and empowering individuals and families to expand into areas of greater choice, agency and beauty.

Let us know your questions or access needs:

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About The AFC:

The AFC is the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry. The AFC is an expression of the community’s good will, helping entertainment professionals when they are at their most vulnerable due to injury, illness or other personal hardship.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of industry members have turned to The AFC for help to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. During this challenging time, The AFC has responded to the need in the community with $1.4 million (and counting) in emergency financial aid and other crucial support programs and services. All our programs are focused on supporting the health and well-being of arts and entertainment professionals working in all aspects of film & TV, music, theatre and dance.

Reactivation Program – Applications Have Reopened!

The AFC Reactivation Program 

The Reactivation Program provides direct financial assistance to independent and self-employed workers in the live performance sector who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and who need financial support to maintain or regain work in the sector.

This funding provides a one-time relief payment of up to $2,500 for live performance workers, including independent, self-employed and gig workers with a focus on the theatrical and technical disciplines in Canada outside of the province of Quebec.

Learn More

What’s On in October:

Navigator – Ongoing
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

One-on-one phone appointments with social work professionals for industry workers who need help accessing mental health resources and support.

The Canadian Green Alliance

A national not-for-profit devoted to bridging the gap between sustainability & theatre.

Co-founders: Julia McLellan & Tess Benger

Green Panel Series
CGA, TAPA and Singular Sensation collaborated to present four Green Panel Series sessions of professionals discussing methods of rethinking theatrical processes for a greener future, livestreamed on YouTube.

Sustainable Theatre Guidebook
With support from TAPA and other stakeholders, the CGA is developing a guide of best practices for producing climate-positive Theatre as the industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Guidebook is being co-authored by experts in the field across Canada, and divided up by theatrical departments: Design, Producing, Front of House, Building Management, Dressing Rooms, Rehearsal Halls & Green Rooms, Hair, Wardrobe, Technical Direction, Sound, Lights and Concessions.

Accompanying these best practices will be enlightening essays by some of Canada’s leading sustainable Arts Workers to inspire the reader to promote action in their own theatrical communities.

Visit the CGA Facebook page for more information.

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