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(Photo by Karen Kaeja)

Want to be part of a beloved community-engaged dance experience?

Need to complete those community hours?

Consider volunteering at Porch View Dances 2024!


What is it? Porch View Dances (PVD) is an outdoor dance festival founded by Karen Kaeja and developed with Allen Kaeja, that activates porches as stages. Seaton Village (Dupont and Bloor, Christie and Bathurst) is our venue. PVD celebrates ‘real people dancing in real spaces’. A response to the sense of belonging we all long for, PVD brings stories from the heart of the home, outside into the wider culture. PVD is a walking tour that culminates in a park with an audience-participatory Flock Landing dance celebration. Kaeja’s PVD is supported by Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Rama Gaming House, RBC, and TD Bank, and others.

 How can you apply? Fill out this short form with the link attached.

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