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  1. Mandatory: Register production on Now Playing Toronto
    • ALL registered shows must first be submitted and approved to appear on the Now Playing Toronto website listings, (NPTO) providing marketing boost via Destination Toronto.
    • Please allow up to 2 business days for submissions to be approved by a site admin, therefore, please register on NPTO at least 30 days prior to first eligible performance.
    • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation message with next steps instructions and a link to the public listing page.
    • Take note of the NPTO listing link, as you will need to enter it on the Dora Registration Form next.
  2. Complete Dora Awards Show Registration Form
    • Login to with member credentials
    • Make sure you are logged in with the TAPA MEMBER COMPANY account instead of a personal user account.
    • Click on “My TAPA” tab
    • Click on “Dora Show Registration” menu item
    • Read instructions carefully
    • Click “Start Your Registration” button at the bottom of the page

Reminder: drafts CAN be saved to be completed at a later date, but you must submit the completed form on time

hipTIX and citySPECIAL Allotments via Now Playing Toronto

Our pandemic-dormant ticketing outreach programs are starting up again now that venues are open and capacity limits have been increased! The allotment of tickets to either program is now completed through the Now Playing Toronto show listing registration portal, so that it may be viewable to a much wider audience that ever before!

Now Playing Toronto will have a public-facing hipTIX-specific listing page to search all available shows through the program. citySPECIAL tickets will continue to be offered exclusively to our list of registered social service and newcomer agencies.

Once a TAPA member show listing is begun and the first page of the NPTO form is completed, you will have the option on a following page to enter hipTIX and citySPECIAL ticket allotments.

Recommended allotments: 2-4 tickets per performance, per program over the run of the production.

Per ticket reimbursement for hipTIX and citySPECIAL remains at $2.75 each.

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